@steven-hh-ding steven-hh-ding released this Nov 8, 2018

Breaking changes. Much faster clone search and indexing (1M functions less than 40 minutes). Smaller memory footprint. Fixed several critical bugs in Asm-Clone.

Release Note

1/ Functional - fixed the binary/function/block counter for each application
2/ Functional - optimized Cassandra in query using binning
3/ Functional - optimized Spark job pool scheduler setting to lower the timeout error and the OOM error
4/ Functional - fixed the read-after-release error in the Spark job monitor
5/ Functional - Stored additional meta data

Binary Composition Analysis:
1/ Functional - able to filter out queries by the number of basic blocks
2/ Functional - added a new running job procedure to dump clone metadata as a JSON file
3/ Functional - fixed the address range display order (sorted)
4/ Functional - fixed the atomic update issue of the clone result summary
5/ UI - option to dump result as JSON file (on upper-right corner)
6/ UI - show progress and estimated completion time
7/ UI - the summary box in composition analysis shows
[matched target functions]/[number of target functions]/[number of source functions]

1/ UI - show [function name - # basic block] at the query page
2/ Query optimization - a recursive bucket split procedure for better efficiency
3/ Query optimization - two level filtering to reduce the memory footprint
4/ Query optimization - lazy loading of the source block information to reduce the memory footprint
5/ Query optimization - local mode Spark optimization for better searching efficiency
6/ Index optimization - local mode Spark optimization for better indexing efficiency
7/ Index optimization - Cassandra query optimization to reduce timeout errors and large frame errors
(to fix the missing blocks and functions issue)
8/ Index optimization - increased the default read timeout setting
9/ Index correction - fixed hashing prefix starting length issue
(to fix the missing blocks and functions issue)






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@steven-hh-ding steven-hh-ding released this Nov 8, 2018 · 14 commits to master2.x since this release

Kam1n0 v2:

Latest tag for 2.0.0:


  • Breaking changes, cumulative updates.
  • Added several views for Sym1n0 (vex text/flow comparison, syntax tree comparison).
  • Sym1n0 is not backward compatible.
  • First RC release.


Name: PullRequest-169_2018-05-23-21-33-53_Kam1n0-IDA-Plugin.tar.gz
SHA256: 0842CC3F4CC4F268A91B34A80E2E42C76456E4E598583430C12200FF1BB189E2

Name: PullRequest-169_2018-05-23-21-33-05_Kam1n0-IDA-Plugin.exe
SHA256: A5D5B8721D3E56EDC6740A30FFEB4E382F3C4ED5737C51A7E3F26851D05A6A76

Name: PullRequest-169_2018-05-23-21-33-25_Kam1n0-Server.exe
SHA256: FE42D54D3606C0C2CD1A4C43F1CA31520E1E8A566B54510C60AFCFE7B1EE5895

Name: PullRequest-169_2018-05-23-21-33-54_Kam1n0-Server.tar.gz
SHA256: EF2B4CBB4B48E58D97524D3032BC6E9A43BFF22A9B0302F9152BD31622305665


  • Completely remove the old version first.
  • Support any IDA > 6.7
  • Backward incompatible.
  • Refactored engine to support serving multiple repositories simultaneously.
    • User can create applications of different types.
    • An application comes with a repository and other resource.
    • A specific type of application provides a specific set of assembly analysis services.
    • Current application types:
      • Asm-Clone (sub-graph & architecture-agnostic).
      • Sym1n0 (cross-architecture search).
      • Asm2Vec (search whatever you index, robust, fast but no-subgraph).
      • More analysis will be added later.
  • Redesigned and enhanced UI views and elements.
  • Added assembly code representation learning (against optimization and code obfuscation).
  • More details can be found on the user manual (coming soon).
  • Linux support in progress.
    • *.tar.gz files are for linux.
    • Preliminary tested on WLS (Ubuntu distribution)
    • Dependencies for IDA Plug-in are not included. Check Github page for required dependencies.

Tag history:

Issue-166_2018-05-14-12-34-33_* (cumulative update)
PullRequest-157_2018-03-26-20-28-29_Kam1n0-* (initial v2 release)

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@steven-hh-ding steven-hh-ding released this Mar 17, 2017 · 5 commits to master since this release

Minor updates:

  • Fix _idaapi module not found issue in IDA 6.9.5
  • Added linux supports (with the help from @zaddach)
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Mar 5, 2017

@steven-hh-ding steven-hh-ding released this Feb 10, 2017 · 11 commits to master since this release

  • [Kam1n0 Core] Added a new symbolic mode. Now it supports cross-architecture sub-graph clone search on the symbolic expression level. Included libvex and z3 library. Supported architectures: x86, AMD64, MIPS32, MIPS64, PowerPC32, PowerPC64, ARM32, and ARM64.
  • [Kam1n0 Core] Updated graph search algorithm. Improved scalability & accuracy. Updated default ALSH settings.
  • [Kam1n0 Core] Added Visual C++ Redistributable for VS15 dependency (included in the installer, it is for z3).
  • [Web UI] In the symbolic mode, we also visualize the control flow graph with abstract syntax tree for each basic block.
  • [Web UI] User can index multiple files at a time.
  • [Web UI] User can directly index idb or i64 file.
  • [Web UI] Fix web UI bugs and improve usability.
  • [Web UI] User can interrupt running jobs through the administration portal.
  • [RESTful API] The old API is no longer working. Check out new API after installation.
  • [IDA Pro plug-in for Kam1n0] Support composition analysis query.
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@steven-hh-ding steven-hh-ding released this May 5, 2016 · 37 commits to master since this release

Release note:

  • [Web UI] Added a web interface for clone search with an assembly function.
  • [Web UI] Added a web interface for clone search with a binary file.
  • [Kam1n0 Workbench] Added Kam1n0 Workbench for creating and managing multiple repositories on a single workstation.
  • [Kam1n0 Core] The binary file clone search result can be shared and browsed on the other machine without access to the repository.
  • [Kam1n0 Core] Support indexing and searching for large binary file (>40mb) without limits on system memory.
  • [Kam1n0 Core] Support ARM, PowerPC, x86 and amd86 binaries.
  • [Kam1n0 Core] Support user-defined processor architecture.
  • [Kam1n0 Core] Optimized index structure supports better scalability and clone search quality.
  • [Kam1n0 Core] Kam1n0 no longer skips basic blocks which have less than three lines of instruction. Now only single line basic block is skipped; thanks to the new index structure.
  • [IDA Pro plug-in for Kam1n0] [Experimental] Added assembly fragment search functionality.
  • [IDA Pro plug-in for Kam1n0] Added a tree view for browsing large number of clones.
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@steven-hh-ding steven-hh-ding released this Sep 16, 2015 · 89 commits to master since this release

Kam1n0 Engine with IDA Pro Plug-in

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