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Notes :
+ Added
- Deleted
x Correction
#number is the identifier of bug report (B), requested feature (F) or patch (P)
bug reports and feature request are here :
Version 18.03.2, 2018-04-10
(No changes)
Version 18.03.1, 2018-03-26
x Fix regression on Windows with directory names beginning by n or r.
Version 18.03, 2018-03-19
x I782, FFV1: Golomb Rice parsing was wrong
x I210, FFV1: remove sar_den test must be 0 if sar_num is 0
x Do not apply policies to attachments
x Print error if data directory isn't writable And polices can be applied on fields provided by new MediaInfo library:
+ AV1: support of AOmedia AV1 based on latest specifications draft, raw (OBU) and in MKV
+ DPX: endianess, packing mode, compression mode
+ MXF: detection and parsing of ProRes (SMPTE RDD 44)
+ MXF: HDR metadata support
+ AVC: add consumer camera recording date/time
+ AVC: add consumer camera model name and iris F number
+ JPEG: ICC parsing, display of ICC color space
+ MediaInfo JSON output
x colour description: trying (again!) to have more coherent labeling
x AAC: SBR parsing issue with 3+ channel streams, with sometimes false-positive PS detection
x DPX: some elements in trace were wrongly displayed (wrong endianess)
+ License change
Version 17.12, 2017-12-21
Endianness and Sign report for PCM Matroska tracks
Support of external time code tracks (.qtc) in MOV
Support of file names >64 chars long or non ASCII for referenced files in MOV
JPEG 2000: Support of IMF profiles
Fixed wrong color range info Matroska
I630, "Input is not proper UTF-8" message with some MOV files
Version 17.11, 2017-11-22
Text and EBUCore 1.8 (XML and JSON) reports available directly from MediaConch command line
Improved Matroska video frame rate detection
Support of BWF (bext) loudness info
Support of MOV HDR metadata
Support of PCM endianess in Matroska files
Several minor fixes
Version 17.08, 2017-09-11
FFV1: fix false positive about FFV1 slice_x error when slice_w>slice_h
Clarifcation about license of some third party library
Version 17.07, 2017-08-08
MediaConch is now directly integrated in Fedora repository
CLI was sometimes not responding with -f option
Version 17.06, 2017-06-30
Ubuntu 17.04 packages
More Matroska checks
More detailed FFV1 errors
See for more information
Version 17.05, 2017-06-01
add a --list command to the CLI for listing files in the database
deprecate MKV-VALID-BOOLEANS test
fixes to MKV-NUMERICAL-TAG test
Version 17.04, 2017-05-04
Better support of some broken Matroska files (high EBMLMaxSizeLength, padding before start of EBML)
Was sometimes displaying "Bit depth: Bit0" when bit depth is unknown in Matroska
FFV1 PixelAspectRatio was an integer, switched to 3-digit rational
Several small bug fixes and small performance optimizations
Version 17.03, 2017-03-31
Analyze attachments in Matroska files
Reduce size of Matroska trace
Few small FFV1 parsing improvements
Several small bug fixes
Version 17.02, 2017-02-28
New policy example (TN2162)
Fix incorrect namespaces in schemaLocation (Thanks to kimec)
Report refactoring
Several minor FFV1 related bug fixed
Support of V_FFV1 codec identifier in Matroska
Version 17.01.1, 2017-02-02
Fix a performance regression in the matroska parser
Version 17.01, 2017-01-31
Less verbose output by default (use " -ft" for old behavior)
New display templates "Simple" and "CSV"
Support of newest version of DPFManager (TIFF plugin) and VeraPDF (PDF plugin)
Store implementation report in database (no need to run it again at relaunch)
Several small bug fixes
Version 16.12, 2016-12-31
Better handling of errors
Version 16.11, 2016-11-30
MediaTrace optimization for Matroska
Fixed parsing of FFV1 v0/v1
Add a debug log (to make benchmark)
Improve support of plugins
Version 16.10, 2016-10-31
Update implementation tests, policies and displays
Handle latest versions of VeraPDF and DPF Manager
FFmpeg plugin
Watch folder plugin
Fixer (see )
Several minor fixes
Version 16.09, 2016-09-30
New policy format to allow complex policies
Update example policies and displays
Compare files
Policy rules can use MediaTrace
Handling of FFV1 16-bit bitdepth (YUV and RGB)
Support of Matroska FieldOrder, MatrixCoefficients, BitsPerChannel, Range, TransferCharacteristics, Primaries new elements
Stream count policy test (in General section)
Version 16.08, 2016-08-31
Checker: fix handling of files with special chars
Better handling of user path
Version 16.07, 2016-07-29
Minor fixes
Version 16.06, 2016-06-30
Matroska files with CodecPrivate element before CodecID element where not always correctly parsed
Performance improvements
Version 16.05, 2016-05-31
MediaConch XML format v0.2
Improved Matroska tests
Improved HTML display
FFV1 parsing speed improvement
Version 16.04, 2016-04-29
FFV1: display of the trace of the slice header
Check a directory recursively
Accepts MediaInfo options
Fix: display correctly information even if the file disappeared (renamed / not accessible)
Version 16.03, 2016-03-31
Support of plugins (VeraPDF and DPF Manager)
Version 16.02, 2016-02-29
CLI is synchronous by default even if the server is active
Update of implementation checker tests, including some FFV1 checks
Expanded REST API of the server
Version 16.01, 2016-01-27
More Matroska validation tests
Improved reports
Verbosity option
MediaConch server, with a REST API
MediaConch CLI and GUI can communicate with MediaConch server
Support of Qt 5.6 (QtWebKit dependancy is replaced by Qt QtWebEngine dependancy)
Matroska: CRC-32 validation
Matroska: support of padding/junk at the start of a segment
Matroska: trace is activated for all elements (but report is still based on the first element met)
Matroska: add an intermediate level in the trace for the raw stream parser
Visual Studio 2015 project files
Version 15.12, 2015-12-31
New icon
Database support (speed improvement: file is parsed once, then policies are applied to the pre-analyzed content)
More explicit licences (MediaConch and MediaInfo library are GPLv3+ and MPLv2+, list of third party libraries and their licences)
Matroska: negative timecodes were not correctly handled
Better support of non-English filenames
Display format is applied also on invalid files
Implementation tests now load logic from an XML representation of the Matroska EBML Schema
Implementation tests on valid parent elements, element multiplicity, mandated child elements
MediaTrace now documents the parser used for raw streams within Matroska.
Sync tests with latest Matroska/EBML draft specifications.
Version 15.11, 2015-11-30
Open all nodes by default for MediaInfo jstree
Add system or user policies/displays group
Detection of truncated Matroska files
Documentation update
Support of MKVMerge statistics tags (duration frame count, stream size, bit rate) per track
Count of subtitle elements
Frame rate detection algorithm revisited
Showing precision of 1/1.001 frame rates (e.g. "23.976 (24000/1001) fps" and "23.976 (23976/1000) fps")
Version 15.10, 2015-11-02
Implementation checker with some EBML tests
Help updated and split (standard / advanced)
More output combinations (e.g. implementation checker with Text, HTML, or XML output)
MediaInfo XML export
Text/HTML/XSL output support
Several bug fixes
Version 15.09, 2015-10-02
Support of XSLT policies
Version 15.08, 2015-08-31
Improved FFV1 slice analysis
Trace feature: XML malformed with Flags items (hotfix, flags meaning disabled in XML output)
Trace feature: XML malformed with some MP4 files
Trace feature: XML duplicated attributes
Trace feature: versioned xsd, creating library name and version
Version 15.07, 2015-08-06
Improved FFV1 slice analysis (currently activated only for 1st frame)
Improved Schematron file editor
Version 15.06, 2015-06-30
Basic Schematron validator (" --Policy=Shematronfile.sch" or " -p Shematronfile.sch")
Version 15.05, 2015-05-31
Basic hard-coded policy checker (must be Matroska with FFV1 protected by CRC)
Info tool (Text or XML)
Trace tool (Text or XML)
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