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Diagnostic Aid for Heart Disease Using Data

Seed Project for Medical Platform

Algorithms Comparison

  • Best algorithm to predict hearth disease: SVM


  • Algorithms with best accuracy
Algorithm Data Type Scale Accuracy
SVM (kernel = rbf) Feature Scaled Data 0, 1 82 %
SVM (kernel = linear) Nominal Data 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 77 %


  • Predicted heart disease using 13 features

  • Apply similar logic to other disease

  • If these algorithms are applied to all disease, computer can diagnose probability of each disease with given features.

  • Doctors will make better diagnosis with help of these algorithms applied to medical data.

In the Future

  • GitHub organization: MedicalDataAnalysis

  • repository: Heart_Disease-Wisconsin-

  • Plan to make repositories for other disease whenever we get the data

  • Build medical platform using models we created

Learn More

  • The report of this project is in _Report folder.

  • If you want to contribute to this repository, feel free to contact us!


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