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A faster gallery plugin for WordPress
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A faster gallery plugin for WordPress

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Meet Gallerify, a simple plugin which replaces the default WordPress Gallery. The plugin's algorithm is much, much faster than the default WordPress gallery. Gallerify is also responsive and lets you have control over the look of the galleries.

It's available for free, so don't forget to try it now!



  • Responsive gallery, works on any device
  • A faster gallery for WordPress
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts (left, right)
  • Support for trackpad gestures
  • Internet Explorer friendly
  • Lots of customization
  • ..and more coming soon!

Getting Started

Using Gallerify is very, very easy. You can either allow the plugin to repalce the default WordPress Gallery on the Gallerify Settings (Dashboard > Settings > Gallerify Settings) or you can use the custom Gallerify shortcode to load the galleries. Just use the shortcode [gallerify] and put all the images inside the shortcode. You can also use the attribute title to add a title to the Gallerify gallery. Here's an example:

[gallerify title="Screenshots"] Put image tags here! [/gallerify]

See? It's that simple!


Gallerify is a responsive gallery plugin for WordPress. No matter what device your reader is using, the gallery will look beautiful in any display size. How about touch devices? Gallerify also supports touch input, keyboard input and more! It's one of the best responsive gallery plugin you can get on WordPress!


We use an advanced algorithm to load your posts' galleries faster. WordPress' default gallery feature needs to require a lot of database queries which causes server loads for websites. However, our plugin doesn't need to acquire any data from the WordPress Database, making the plugin load faster!

Admin Panel

Gallerify comes with an admin panel where you can customize any settings you want. Don't like a feature? Just disable it! Don't like the color? Just customize it to your needs!

If you've any problems with the plugin or would like to feedback, please let me know at Twitter: @mehedih. Also, if you like and use the plugin, a review is really appreciated as well!

Thanks for using the plugin!
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