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Twitch Plays Touch Controller
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Twitch Plays Touch Controller

This adds touch input for Firefox and Chrome to TwitchPlaysPokemon! You can use it as either a Userscript or Bookmarklet.

Use it as a Userscript

Then visit the user script below and you will be prompted to install it.


Use it as a Bookmarklet

  • Create a new bookmark with the entire code below as the URL:

    javascript:(function() { var script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = ''; document.head.appendChild(script); })();

When viewing the stream, open the bookmark and the touch controller will load for supported browsers.


Click the chat settings box in order to access controller settings.

The following settings are supported:

  • Position and scale sliders in case the stream's touch screen changes
  • Enable/disable the controller
  • Show/hide the border box
  • Show/hide a tooltip with a coordinates readout
  • Use either the default cursor or the crosshair
  • Enable/disable auto-sending commands
  • Enable/disable touch droplets which visualize the approximate stream delay
  • Change chat server

Have fun!

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