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Over the years of playing Morrowind, I've noticed how many things which you read in books or are said through dialogue are inconsistent with what actually appears in gameplay. There have been many mods made which address a lot of these inconsistencies, either taking the form of bug fixes or lore-friendly additions to the game world.

The goal of this project is to make a list of all of these incongruities and list mods which address those issues. Modders can consider this list a source for ideas, while players can consider this a place to find potential mods to add to their playlist.

For example, Savants will tell you this about Ald Redaynia:

"The rugged coast and islands of northern and eastern Vvardenfell are called Azura's Coast. The region is rocky, infertile, and largely uninhabited, except for the outpost at Molag Mar, the Telvanni settlements at Sadrith Mora, the wizard towers at Tel Aruhn, Tel Mora, and Tel Branora, and Ahemmusa camp and the remote fishing villages of Ald Redaynia and Dagon Fel on the north coast. There are no roads; most travel is by boat. Despite the rocky terrain, a variety of plants thrive on the regular rainfall."

We know from gameplay that the only thing at Ald Redaynia is the ruined Wizard Tower. However, there are multiple mods which aim to address this inconsistency between dialogue and gameplay.

Please note, that I'm not stating that the way the gameplay turned out is automatically wrong if it disagrees with text, but it is oftentimes less interesting.

The list will be divided into several different categories:

  1. Inconsistencies: Explicitly variant material; those things which are said to exist in dialogue or books but which do not appear or are not recognized in the game.
  2. Ineffectuals: Implicitly variant material; those things which aren't explicitly absent from the game but which are severely underdeveloped.
  3. Inferences: Conclusions drawn from underdeveloped or hinted at material. These are much more subjective. Take it or leave it.
  4. Information: Items of somewhat obscure information hidden in the game's text.
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