MeldCE Opensource

Specialising in custom, high-speed web applications.

  • Simple JSON file database

    JavaScript GPL-3.0 Updated Apr 12, 2018
  • A Javascript variable validation and merge tool

    JavaScript GPL-2.0 Updated Apr 13, 2016
  • A command for testing an npm package in a near real environment

    JavaScript GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 21, 2016
  • A data-driven web app for creating fully customisable web sites

    JavaScript GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 7, 2016
  • A javascript implementation of the MongoDB find function for filter Javascript Objects

    GPL-3.0 Updated Feb 22, 2016
  • A basic repo holding docs containing information for contributing to MeldCE projects

    GPL-3.0 Updated Jan 10, 2016
  • JavaScript Updated Nov 12, 2015
  • A simplistic gallery plugin for Wordpress that stores images in a hierarchical folder structure.

    PHP 1 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Nov 2, 2015
  • GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 18, 2015
  • Simple JQuery module for making sure a drop down fits on the screen.

    GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 12, 2015
  • A Wordpress plugin to allow users to book and schedule adventures

    GPL-2.0 Updated Oct 6, 2014
  • An easy way to have your settings managed for you

    PHP 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Oct 2, 2014
  • Javascript to build an object from given elements using a GUI

    JavaScript 2 Updated Sep 21, 2014

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