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Angle is a free and lightweight Sketch plugin for applying perspective transforms for your mockups. You can get the starting template to help you design beautiful mockups from scratch. Check out the full tutorial.

Getting Started

The only thing that Angle needs to work is an Artboard containing your Screen. That's it!


Make sure you have the latest version of Sketch (72+) running on macOS Catalina (10.15.0) or newer.

Important note:

  • use version 1.1.7 for Sketch 86+
  • use version 1.1.6 for Sketch 72 to Sketch 85.1
  • use version 1.1.5 for Sketch 66 to Sketch 71.2
  • use version 1.1.4 for Sketch 65 and earlier.

Apply perspective transforms on screen mockups. Auto-detect screens by resolution and works on shapes and symbols.


Select a shape layer and do Apply Mockup Command + \.

  • Apply Mockup Command + \: this will apply an Artboard to your selected shape.


When applying a mockup, Angle automatically detects all the Artboards, except the current Artboard. No expensive operations while you're designing, as this only happens when you run one of Angle's commands.

Single Artboard

If you have a single Artboard with your screen, Angle will skip the modal and apply right away. Boom!

Working with Symbols

If you have a Symbol that contains your Mockup, make sure to have an Image Fill. That's how Angle knows that your Symbol contains a mockup.

Multiple Shapes and Nested Symbols

If you have multiple shapes or a Nested Symbols, you can apply the mockups to multiple destinations.

Pixel Density

By default, it's set to Auto, which will detect the size of selected shape and apply a 2x pixel density. You can set to 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x.

Image Quality

By default, it's set the Best. While you'll get the highest quality possible, this will increase your filesize dramatically. By setting to Better, Good or Average, you will make the file smaller.


This plugin was made by the team at Design+Code, including Tiago Mergulhao, Meng To and Kwan Yip Yap.