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This repository holds the contents of Mercury source distribution tarballs. Each source distribution is held in a tagged commit. You can clone the entire repository and then check out the tag that you are interested in, or you can download a release from Github from the releases tab. To browse the list of available tags, it may be most convenient to follow this link to the initial commit then click on the ellipsis (...) to expand the list of tags.

To keep a clone up-to-date, please use git fetch --tags.

To fetch a single tag, use git fetch origin tag TAG.

Building from a git checkout

When performing a checkout, git will set the current time as the timestamp on every file it modifies, but only those. This can confuse the Mercury build system, which uses the timestamp on certain files to indicate when another file was last meaningfully changed. The simplest solution is to ensure that all files have the same modification time before starting the build process, e.g.

git reset --hard rotd-2019-02-18
git clean -fdx .
find . -type f | xargs touch -r VERSION
./configure ...
make install ...


Prior to about 2013, the "extras" directory was distributed as separate "mercury-extras" packages; those packages have not been imported.


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