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All-packet MONitor
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All-packet MONitor -- Monitoring multi-10Gbps network streams


AMON is a software tool for processing multi-10Gbps streams of network data. It is based on PF-RING (zero-copy). This version of AMON reads packets directly from the network interface (NIC), using the PF_RING API. It then generates and streams (to a centralized MongoDB database) the following data output (for more details, see [1]):

  1. A 128x128 matrix (aka "databrick") that conveys information about the network's traffic intensity and structure
  2. A 128x128 matrix that conveys information about the network heavy-hitters. These hitters are identified with the help of the MJRTY Boyer-Moore algorithm [2].


AMON is currenly supported on Ubuntu and CentoOS systems. So, the first step, is to install one of these on the server that will be receiving the traffic :)

Overall, AMON can be easily built from source, once these two prerequisites are installed:

  1. PF_RING: we recommend installing PF_RING as a binary. Great instructions can be found here: (NOTE: if you want to build PF_RING from source, and then compile AMON, please drop as a line (see "Contact Us" section below).)
  2. MongoDB C drivers: see README.mongo


  1. Populate accordingly the fields in amon.config
  2. Type './amon -i eth0' where 'eth0' is the interface you are receiving network traffic from
  3. Populate the "strata.txt" file (optional). This is for reserving specific "bins" (e.g, the first k=5 leftmost bins) for subnets of interest (e.g., Google, Apple, etc.)

To verify that things work, check that you get updated traffic statistics (provided by PF_RING) every 1 second, and that you get a list of the top-hitters every ALARM_SLEEP seconds (parameter set in amon.config -- we recommend setting this to values less than or equal to 10 seconds)

Contact Us

Please email for support or contact mgkallit AT umich


[1] M. Kallitsis, S. Stoev, S. Bhattacharya, G. Michailidis, AMON: An Open Source Architecture for Online Monitoring, Statistical Analysis and Forensics of Multi-gigabit Streams, IEEE JSAC Special Issue on Measuring and Troubleshooting the Internet, July 2016. [Online]

[2] A Linear Time Majority Vote Algorithm. [Online]

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