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Simba is a program used to repeat certain (complicated) tasks. Typically these tasks involve using the mouse and keyboard. Simba is programmable, which means you can design your own logic and steps that Simba will follow, based upon certain input such a colours on the screen.

Merge pull request #255 from Olly-/extension

Add new SRL extension.
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John Peel JohnPeel authored
Octocat-spinner-32 Doc Update some doc. March 03, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 Documentation First try at adding documentation to the installer. February 18, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 Examples Fix line endings of Example. March 31, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 Extensions Update to use new features. April 16, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 Fonts Update Fonts October 01, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 Images Simba: Revamped the Funcion List September 20, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 Includes Theoretically DTM editor should work now.. There is just some nasty b… June 15, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 Install Update Installer Script October 01, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 LazDoc Colour Conversion, Bitmaps documentation. September 05, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 Plugins Plugins: Remove SMART binaries. December 23, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 Projects TBitmap From/ToString, Form BorderIcons, TImageHints. February 23, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 Tests TBitmap From/ToString, Form BorderIcons, TImageHints. February 23, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 Units Update v_ideCodeInsight.pas March 27, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 autobuild Clean up master.cfg. December 26, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitattributes Added a .gitattributes, should fix the line endings problem December 14, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitignore .gitignore update July 15, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitmodules Updated submodules September 16, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 .mailmap Fixed TRGB32 March 05, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 AUTHORS Add AUTHORS file. November 05, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 COPYING No need for trunk/ anymore March 12, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 INSTALL.rst Update INSTALL.rst January 05, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 Known Issues.txt Doc: Update known issues September 30, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 README Simba 1.0 September 26, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 TODO Update TODO a bit. February 26, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 TODO.linux Update Linux TODO. February 18, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 Simba/Documentation: Add *Sound documentation. May 29, 2011
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