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Azure Native Usage & Cost Tracking



Azure Portal Dashboard:

A Dashboard that You can Extend & Customize Dashboard

Sample Daily Email Report:

Get a glance of your last 7 days - Daily! not much later. Detect Cost Spikes Sooner Azure-Cost-Report-Sample.png

Powered by Serverless Azure Durable Functions for PowerShell

Fully Powered by Azure Native Technologies AzureDurableFunctions

Better Blob Exports (both JSON & CSV) formats

Blobs are placed in logical YYYY/MM/ path structure with Day.ext format file names, easy to locate and run further ETLs. DailyBlobExports

Azure Storage Table for Long Term Retention

Records will also be stored in a storage table for curating Daily Reports that covers last 7 days. In order to not hit limits of Azure Billing API, I only extract 1 or 2 days worth of data at a time and use table for retro lookups. AzureStorageTableLongTerm

Your Data Your Rules, Logs are also Pushed to a Log Analytics Workspace

This is the data backend for the Azure Portal Dashboard Charts. However, once your logs are here possibilities are endless.


You can create Azure Workbooks, Azure Monitor Alerts or just run your custom queries to deep dive into your Azure usage data.


Project Naming Legend

Project Details
Project Name: Mert Senel Tech Azure Usage Export
Project ShortCode: mstaue

Environments Code
Development dev
Test tst
Staging stg
Production prd
Azure Resources Code
Function App fnc
Storage Account str
Application Insights ais
Log Analytics Workspace oms
Azure Portal Dashboard dsh
Azure Sendgrid sgd
Project Resources Name
App Service Plan (Consumption/Serverless) {projCode}{env}asp
Function App {projCode}{env}fnc
Function App Storage {projCode}{env}fncstr
Azure Usage Exports Storage {projCode}{env}str
Application Insights {projCode}{env}ais
Log Analytics Workspace {projCode}{env}oms
Azure Usage & Cost Monitoring Dashboard {projCode}{env}dsh
Azure Sendgrid {projCode}{env}sgd

Resources Generated Example: AzureResources


Sample Azure Native Serverless Cloud Solution, Usage and Cost tracker using Azure Durable Functions(Powershell), Azure Storage, Sendgrid(Email)