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Extra add-ons that may be useful for people using SLiM, but that are not part of the SLiM project itself

This repository is for all sorts of extras associated with SLiM that others might find useful. That could include:

  • user-defined Eidos functions (new in SLiM 2.5!) that could be reused in new SLiM models
  • full SLiM models that we don't want to include as recipes in the manual, but that might nevertheless be useful
  • code for reading or analyzing SLiM output, or translating it into other file formats
  • code for sublaunching multiple SLiM processes in various computing cluster environments, for replication or exploration of a parameter space
  • installation scripts and related information
  • anything else we can think of, really.

Contributions to SLiM-Extras from SLiM users are welcome; if you have done something related to SLiM that you think others in the community might find useful, please consider contributing it here, either with a pull request on GitHub, or just by emailing us a submission.


The code in the SLiM-Extras repository has been placed in the public domain without restriction. We request, however, that if you use this code you credit SLiM-Extras and provide a link to the SLiM-Extras repository at Thank you.

Development & Feedback

SLiM is under active development, and our goal is to make it as broadly useful as possible. If you have feedback or feature requests, or if you are interested in contributing to SLiM, please contact Philipp Messer at Please note that Philipp is also looking for graduate students and postdocs.


Extra add-ons that may be useful for people using SLiM, but that are not part of the SLiM project itself