Cassandra (CQL) driver for Rust, using the DataStax C/C++ driver under the covers.
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This is a maintained Rust project that exposes the DataStax cpp driver at in a somewhat-sane crate.

It is a wrapper around the raw driver binding crate cassandra-cpp-sys.

Documentation (

Getting started

For this crate to work, you must first have installed the datastax-cpp driver. Follow the steps in the cpp driver docs to do so. Pre-built packages are available for most platforms.

Make sure that the driver (specifically libcassandra_static.a and are in your /usr/local/lib64/ directory


See the API documentation.

The Cassandra Query Language (CQL) documentation is likely to be useful.

Since this crate provides a relatively thin wrapper around the DataStax driver, you may also find the DataStax documentation and API docs useful.


For a straightforward example see

There are additional examples included with the project in tests and examples.

Migrating from version 0.8

The API changed significantly in version 0.10. (Version 0.9 was skipped, for consistency with the cassandra-cpp-sys version number.) For a summary of the main changes, see CHANGELOG.


This code is open source, licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 as described in LICENSE.


Please see for details on how to contribute to this project.


This crate is regularly built by Travis; to see details of the most recent builds click on the "build" badge at the top of this page.

You must have the DataStax driver installed on your system in order to build this crate.

The unit tests assume Cassandra is running on the local host accessible on the standard port. The easiest way to achieve this is using Docker and the standard Cassandra image, with

docker pull cassandra
docker run -d --net=host --name=cassandra cassandra

You should run them single-threaded to avoid the dreaded org.apache.cassandra.exceptions.ConfigurationException: Column family ID mismatch error. The tests share a keyspace and tables, so if run in parallel they interfere with each other.

cargo test -- --test-threads 1

Remember to destroy the container when you're done:

docker stop cassandra
docker rm cassandra


This project was forked from cassandra, which was no longer being maintained.