Buildroot WPE - a lightweight WebKit Embedded browser, using OpenGL ES 2.0 or higher
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Fast, light-weight, WebKit/Wayland based browser for embedded devices.

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The Metrological buildroot is designed to configure, patch and build a WebKitForWayland (WPE) browser and all its required dependencies for embedded devices. It can be used as a development platform, for example using the Raspberry Pi 2 (or zero/1), or as a reference platform for integration with additional software components.

The Metrological buildroot includes the WPE package which is hosted here:

The Metrological buildroot and Metrological WebKitForWayland forks contain changes, patches, new functionality that Metrological and partners added to comply to the latest MediaSource, Encrypted Media Extensions changes and new HTML5.x functionality specifically targeted for embedded devices.

Getting started


Clone this repository:

git clone


Select a configuration for your embedded device from the configs/ directory. For example for the Raspberry Pi 2 device:

make raspberrypi2_wpe_defconfig

Buildroot provides you a menuconfig option for the first time. Select additional packages if you require or exit and save the config.


To build:


Once completed the buildroot provides you with an output/images directory that contains the kernel image, root filesystem and optionally firmware packages (if RPI is used) to run the complete linux environment and the WPE browser.

For more information on buildroot way of working please see their documentation:


To launch the browser:

wpe <url>

Additionally (by default) there is a WebInspector enabled which can be reached at:

http://<ip of your target machine>:9998/

Note This requires a ES6 compatible browser. For example Safari nightly.

Supported devices

WPE is verified and being tested by Metrological on the following devices:

  • Raspberry Pi zero, 1 and 2
  • Broadcom chipsets (7430/7435) MIPS and (7252/7445) ARM
  • Intel CE (4100/4200)
  • nVidia Jetson TK1

Note that other devices may be supported through buildroot. But mileage may vary when it comes down to video playback and graphics performance.


A FAQ is available via the Wiki tab.


Metrological is able to provide support where needed and when needed in different methods of cooperation. For more information please visit: