Pacman on esp32 and ILI9328
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!!! NOTICE !!!

ILI9328 requires SPI_MODE3. But SPI_MODE2 and SPI_MODE3 configuration are inverted in my arduino-esp32 now. If your arduino-esp32 has correct SPI configuration, you need to change to SPI_MODE3. See ili9328.cpp.




Jumper pad J1/J2 for setting power supply : J2 short (5V power supply) wiring1 wiring2

Development Environment

Coding reference


You can use SerialPort or WiFi TCP/UDP Controller as the controller. Buttons UP, RIGHT, DOWN, and LEFT are each assigned on characters '8', '6', '2', and '4' in the both case of SerialPort and WiFi UDP. You can set configuration by loading "WiFi_UDP_Controller_config.txt" for WiFi TCP/UDP Controller.