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Contributing to MiKTeX

Reporting a bug

How to write a good bug report

Before creating a bug report, please check this list:

  1. check the MiKTeX FAQ
  2. write down a one-liner which summarizes the problem
  3. perform an Internet search with the one-liner as the query

Make sure that others will be able to reproduce the bug by providing:

  1. step-by-step reproduction instructions: describe the exact steps which reproduce the problem in as many details as possible
  2. input files which are necessary to reproduce the bug
  3. your observations: command output, screenshots

Also include information about your MiKTeX setup:

  1. installation report: let MiKTeX Console create an installation report (on the Diagnose page)
  2. contents of the MiKTeX log directory: MiKTeX Console tells you the location of log directory on the Diagnose page

What happens next

A MiKTeX developer will receive a notification. If the bug is reproducible, it will be a attached to a milestone with an estimated fix date.

Unreproducible bugs usually lead to queries. So be prepared to make available additional information.

Sloppy bug reports will be closed (or deleted) without comment.

Proposing a feature

  • open an issue with a detailed description of your proposed feature