BBC Micro B and Master 128K for MiSTer
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BBC Micro B/Master 128K for MiSTer Board

This is the port of BeebFpga by David Banks, Mike Sterling.

Features and enhancements:

  • Models B and Master 128K.
  • Respective CPU per model for best compatibility: 6502 for B, 65C02 for Master 128K.
  • Co-Processor module with 65C02.
  • Support Secondary SD card as well as images on Primary SD card.
  • Scandoubler with HQ2x for all modes.
  • Support analog joysticks.
  • Emulate joystick with mouse.
  • Real Time Clock support with actual time.


Copy the *.rbf file to the root of the SD card. Copy *.vhd to BBCMicro folder.

Supported formats:

Currently only BEEB.MMB format is supported. This is a container of multiple disks/apps with integrated Menu system.

Core supports secondary SD card which should be formatted in FAT16/FAT32. BEEB.MMB file should be placed first on the card.

Alternatively core supports *.VHD images on primary SD card - in this case secondary SD card is not required.

VHD image is a simple FAT16/32 image with single BEEB.MMB file inside. You can create such image in various applications, for example in WinImage.


  • BREAK key combo is CTRL+F11
  • If autostart is disabled, then SHIFT+CTRL+F11 performs reset+autostart.
  • If autostart is enabled, then SHIFT+CTRL+F11 performs reset without autostart.
  • Perform reset to apply the Model.
  • You can place boot.vhd into BBCMicro folder to autoload it at start.