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GBA for MiSTer

HW Requirements/Features

The games can run from a naked DE10-Nano with the build-in DDR-RAM. However, using SDRAM is highly recommended, as some games may slowdown or loose sync when using DDR-RAM.

When using SDRAM, it requires 32MB SDRAM for games less than 32MB. 32MB games require either 64MB or 128MB module. SDRAM will be automatically used when available.


Opensource Bios from Normmatt is included, however it has issues with some games. Original GBA BIOS can be placed to GBA folder with name boot.rom

PLEASE do not report errors without testing with the original BIOS

Games with crashes/hang

  • Madden06/07: graphic messed up at coin toss

Games that are unplayable because of catridge hardware missing

  • Boktai 1/2/Shin Bokura no Taiyou(Japanese Boktai)
  • Warioware Twisted
  • Yoshi's Universal Gravitation
  • Bouken Yuuki Pluster World - Plust Gate/EX
  • Sennen Kazoku, Gachasute (RTC)
  • Koro Koro Puzzle


~1600 games tested until ingame:

  • 99% without major issues (no crash, playable)


  • all videomodes including affine and special effects
  • all soundchannels
  • saving as in GBA
  • Savestates
  • FastForward - speed up game by factor 2-4
  • CPU Turbomode - give games additional CPU power
  • Flickerblend - turn on for games like F-Zero, Mario Kart or NES Classics to prevent flickering effects
  • Spritelimit - turn on to prevent wrong sprites for games that rely on the limit (opt-in as only 1 known game)
  • Cheats
  • Shadercolors


Core provides 4 slots to save the state. The first slot gets saved to disk and automatically loaded (but not applied) upon next load of game. Rest 3 slots are residing only in memory for temporary use. First slot save/restore is available from OSD as well.

Hot keys for save states:

  • Alt-F1..F4 - save the state
  • F1...F4 - restore

Not included

  • Multiplayer features like Serial
  • Tilt/Gyro/Rumble/Sun sensor
  • RTC
  • E-Reader support


There is great testsuite you can get from here: It tests out correct Memory, Timer, DMA, CPU, BIOS behavior and also instruction timing. It works 100% on the real GBA. The suite itself has several thousand single tests. Here is a comparison with mGBA, VBA-M and Higan

Testname TestCount Mister GBA mGBA VBA-M Higan
Memory 1552 1552 1552 1337 1552
IOREAD 123 123 116 100 123
Timing 1660 1554 1520 628 1424
Timer 936 445 511 440 464
Carry 93 93 93 93 93
BIOSMath 625 625 625 425 625
DMATests 1256 1248 1232 1008 1064
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