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Broadcast plugin

A plugin to broadcast a message.

At the moment there are four broadcasting modes available:

  • to all active chats (i.e. to chats with an operator connected);
  • to all waiting chats (i.e. to chats in a queue and chats where an operator has been disconnected);
  • to all chats except for closed ones;
  • to all operators involved in chats (i.e. to operators in active chats or in active invitations).

Messages being sending as system ones. To send a message one should be an administrator.

Plugin's localization constants could be translated via standard interface.


  1. Get the archive with the plugin sources. You can download it from the official site or build the plugin from sources.

  2. Untar/unzip the plugin's archive.

  3. Put files of the plugins to the <Mibew root>/plugins folder.

  4. Navigate to "<Mibew Base URL>/operator/plugin" page and enable the plugin.

Build from sources

There are several actions one should do before use the latest version of the plugin from the repository:

  1. Obtain a copy of the repository using git clone, download button, or another way.
  2. Install node.js and npm.
  3. Install Gulp.
  4. Install npm dependencies using npm install.
  5. Run Gulp to build the sources using gulp default.

Finally .tar.gz and .zip archives of the ready-to-use Plugin will be available in release directory.


Apache License 2.0