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Mibew Geo IP plugin

Provides Geo IP information for other plugins.

Requires either GMP (GNU Multiple Precision) or BC Math (BCMath Arbitrary Precision Mathematics) PHP extension.


  1. Get the archive with the plugin sources. You can download it from the official site or build the plugin from sources.

  2. Untar/unzip the plugin's archive.

  3. Put files of the plugins to the <Mibew root>/plugins folder.

  4. Obtain a copy of MaxMind's GeoIP2 City datatbase. You can use a free one from here

  5. Rename the database file to GeoIP.mmdb and put it into <Mibew root>/plugins/Mibew/Mibew/Plugin/GeoIp/db directory.

  6. (optional) Add plugins configs to "plugins" structure in "<Mibew root>/configs/config.yml". If the "plugins" stucture looks like plugins: [] it will become:

        "Mibew:GeoIp": # Plugin's configurations are described below
            database_path: "/usr/local/share/GeoIP/GeoIP2-City.mmdb"
  7. Navigate to "<Mibew Base URL>/operator/plugin" page and enable the plugin.

Plugin's configurations

The plugin can be configured with values in "<Mibew root>/configs/config.yml" file.


Type: String

Default: <Plugin dir>/db/GeoIP.mmdb

Specify location of the GeoIP database. This value is optional and can be skipped.

Build from sources

There are several actions one should do before use the latest version of the plugin from the repository:

  1. Obtain a copy of the repository using git clone, download button, or another way.
  2. Install node.js and npm.
  3. Install Gulp.
  4. Install npm dependencies using npm install.
  5. Run Gulp to build the sources using gulp default.

Finally .tar.gz and .zip archives of the ready-to-use Plugin will be available in release directory.


Apache License 2.0