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#lognotify... ... is log watcher for awesome wm.

It will show a naughty popup each time something changes in one of the predefined log files.

#REQUIREMENTS awesome for sure :)


$ luarocks install inotify


$ luarocks install luasocket


$ luarocks install luabitop

One-Liner for archlinux:

$ yaourt -S lua-socket lua-bitop linotify-git


  • Make and install luainotify.

  • Clone lognotify into your configuration directory. (~/.config/awesome):

    cd $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome && git clone git://github.com/Mic92/lognotify.git

    or rename init.lua to lognotify.lua and put into awesome's loadpath:

    wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/Mic92/lognotify/blob/master/init.lua -O $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/lognotify.lua


  • Require the module in your rc.lua

local lognotify = require("lognotify")

  • Initialize and configure it. Here an example:
ilog = lognotify{
   logs = { mpd = { file = "/home/bob/.mpd/log", },
   	aptitude = { file = "/var/log/aptitude", },
   	-- Check, whether you have the permissions to read your log files!
   	-- You can fix this by configure syslog deamon in many case.
   	syslog    = { file = "/var/log/syslog", ignore = { "Changing fan level" },
   	awesome  = { file = "/home/bob/log/awesome",
   		ignore = {
   			"/var/lib/dpkg", -- aptwidget failure when aptitude running
   			"wicd", "wired profiles found", -- wicd junk
   			"seek to:", "Close unzip stream", -- gmpc junk
   -- Delay between checking in seconds. Default: 1
   interval = 1,
   -- Time in seconds after which popup expires. Set 0 for no timeout. Default: 0
   naughty_timeout = 15
  • run it:


  • if you tired of it, you can stop it and start later at any time again



  • koniu - original author of code
  • dodo - port to luarocks's inotify and fixes related to logrotate