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A Flarum extension to convert a mybb forum to a fresh flarum install
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This is a Flarum extension to migrate data from a mybb forum to a fresh flarum instance.

image admin section

What can it migrate?

In your admin panel you can choose what to migrate.

  • Users (their passwords are ALL reset to a bcrypt hash from current time)
  • Categories
  • Forums
  • Posts
  • Groups
  • Avatars


This extension has been tested with MyBB v1.8.19 and Flarum v0.1.0-beta.8

Execute this command in the root of your flarum installation: composer require michaelbelgium/mybb-to-flarum. Navigate to your admin panel, enable the extension and you get a new link in the admin navigation bar.

Important notes

  • If u specify u want to migrate avatars then a path to your MyBB forum is required also.
  • Forums with a redirect hyperlink are skipped. Flarum doesn't support them (yet).
  • The core BBcode extension should be enabled too.
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