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Blockstack Gaia Hub Explorer
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Gaia Hub File Explorer


Mercurius is a small little file explorer that works by taking your mnemonic key and looking up many possible app-buckets on a gaia hub to see if something exists, and if so, then listing it's contents.

In addition to seeing what apps are storing data, it can also decrypt any stored data, as well as download data (decrypted) in bulk via a zip file, all while being completely client-side.

Unfortunately this cannot "autodetect" every folder that you technically own -- due to the way Gaia works, every bucket is owned by one address, which is why I have to scrub app lists and urls in order to generate many possible app buckets, and then ping the gaia hub to see if anything exists there.


Currently this is limited to your root identity and the "official" Gaia Hub at You also cannot upload, move, copy, or delete files, but can only download and view.

App Naming Scheme

Currently there are a couple of weird app tags:

  • Normal apps (from are displayed normally
  • Apps from the blockstack-browser repo have a * next to them
  • Apps from your profile.json are shown in url form (without https://)
  • Apps that I manually added to track have ** next to them (like XOR Drive)

Building & Testing

  • npm run build - build debug, output to ./build
  • npm run build-prod - build prod, output to ./build-prod
  • npm test - serve ./build to to test -- this is via express's static() middleware, but also uses cors
  • npm start - same as the above, but serve ./build-prod


Released under Mozilla Public License 2.0, with graphics under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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