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A webapp framework which accelerates creation of sophisticated mobile webapp
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Rocket Framework


A webapp framework which accelerates creation of sophisticated mobile webapp. The framework encapsulates MVC classes, which is derived from backbone.js, and introduces standards and specifications, which make easy the process of creating or maintaining a webapp.


  1. Developing Concurrently: two or more people can work together to build a webapp and their work has no effect on each other. It makes faster the progress of building a webapp with many pages and sophisticated functions.

  2. Controller Tree: webapp built on rocket framework will build a Controller Tree when it's running. By Controller Tree, developers can resolves a complicated problem into some small pieces of code. As a result, it's a piece of cake to build whatever a webapp.

  3. Standards and Specifications: directory construct, file naming and class naming, etc. It makes building a webapp a clear and difinite thing. Developers can also create a webapp through Scaffold Code in minutes.

  4. Multi-level Event Center: page-level, subpage-level and subview-level event center.

  5. using FIS Building Tool:

  6. Others you will discover when you use it. ^_^


refer to HowtoRocket:

Sites Using Rocket Framework

PS: Make sure you browse sites below using appropriate devices.

  1. iPad Version:
  2. iPhone and Android Phone Version:
  3. iPhone and Android Phone Version:
  4. iPad Version:
  5. others will be coming soon

Demo Webapps


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