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Half Real was a theatre production I worked on with The Border Project. The show used a 3D projection mapped set, with the scenes transforming into different environments. The projection system used a Kinect to track actors as they moved throughout the space, and was able to attach virtual, projected information to them.

The show as an interactive choose your own adventure style, with the audience members voting on what scene would be shown next.

This repository contains all of the scene files for the theatre production Half Real. It is unlikely this repository will be useful to anybody else, but I needed to put the scenes somewhere.

Each scene contains the following:

  • A sequence of events that occur as the scene plays out on stage. Some of these were based on time, some were triggered by the operator.

  • A list of assets that are used in the scene. Assets were typically videos or image files that were projected onto the set.

  • A list of vote options that would appear during the scene, how they were to appear, and whether they were attached to actors or staticly placed in the environment.


Scene files for the theatre production Half Real






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