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Arbore is a peer-to-peer file sharing application with the following caracteristics:

  • targeted for private/low diffusion data between people that know each-others. Main use case: friends want to share between each-others their holidays pictures.
  • low friction: it should be as easy as possible
  • encryption should be used to maintain privacy and to control the diffusion of the data

This application is build on top of IPFS.

----> Download it here ! <----

identity creation






  1. Clone or download this repository
  2. run npm install to install all the dependencies.
  3. run npm run dev to launch the developement version

Installation package will be provided later.


Version 1 (minimal first version)

  • profile management
  • basic contact management (adding with a hash)
  • contact suggestion and privacy settings
  • targeted sharing (notification and download)
  • basic 1 to 1 chat

Version 2 (encryption and chat)

  • encryption (IPFS is currently working on encryption)

Version 3

contact-related features:

  • public sharing and contact following (kind of like Twitter)
  • contact blocking (for abuse)
  • contact groups
  • contact management: mitigation strategy (maintaining your contacts files online because you like them)
  • profile "migration" with notification of contacts
  • on-demand custom app packaging with a first contact for extra-simple onboarding

content-related features:

  • reliable and efficient download status tracking (when available; details ipfs/go-ipfs#3866)
  • reception confirmation
  • content: re-share
  • better share description, maybe with markdown ?
  • content: fancy share's content visualization (for instance, for pictures with a slideshow or carousel)
  • internationalization


  • mobile version using react native
  • enhanced chat (offline, history, group chat, encryption ...) maybe using
  • ability to close the main windows while still having the app running + system tray icon with stats


You can check out the full license here

This project is licensed under the terms of the GPL v3 license.

Questions/feedback (or just want to help out?)

Every little bit of help counts!

If you want to build something awesome or help out in any other way, please contact us :)