AWS JIT and Bring your Own Certificate Demo.
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AWS JIT and Bring your Own Certificate Demo.

(Eclipse Paho MQTT and WolfSSL version)


AWS IoT is a service that will allow internet of things (IoT) devices to be easily and securely connected to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Microchip AWS-IoT-Zero-Touch solution provides the following key features:

  1. Secure the communication of any AWS IoT node regardless of the Microcontroller or Processor used
  2. Accelerate the cryptographic algorithms of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) layer and isolate them in a secure Trusted Execution Environment
  3. Remove all manipulation of keys and certificates throughout any step of the end node manufacturing. It makes the manufacturing of AWS IoT end nodes "Zero Touch" from a security viewpoint.

This solution requires multiple hardware and software elements:

The development kit ships with all firmware pieces pre-programmed. The source code is available here

Please read the step by step user guide first! It is avaslable on the Wiki

For more information on the current Microchip IoT demos please go to Microchip's IoT Page.

Required Tools and Applications

OS Requirements

We have build and tested the IoT Zero Touch Application on the following OS's:

  • OS X: 10.11.x
  • Linux: Debian Based - Ubuntu 14.04LTS
  • Windows: Windows 7 64 bit (Windows 7 32bit will be supported soon)