Extend Brackets own code hints with more HTML5 elements and attributes such as Picture, Srcset, Template +more.
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The Original is from https://github.com/coliff/Brackets-HTML5CodeHints and I extended it with own Code to support the Fat-Free Framework Templating Engine

Extend Brackets HTML code hints with more HTML5 elements and attributes such as Picture, Srcset, Template, inputmode as well as some HTML4 elements such as cellpadding, cellspacing and iframe. Also includes hints for Web Components and Schema.org.

Complete list of elements added:

HTML4 Tags

  • acronym
  • center
  • frame ("frameborder", "name", "scrolling", "src")
  • frameset ("rows")

HTML4 Attributes

  • iframe ("frameborder", "scrolling")
  • table ("cellpadding", "cellspacing", "height", "width")

HTML5 Tags

  • content (Shadow DOM)
  • picture
  • template (Web Components)

HTML5 Attributes

  • autocorrect
  • autocapitalize
  • inputmode
  • itemscope, itemtype, itemprop (Microdata - Schema.org)
  • onsearch
  • srcset

HTML5 Attribute Options

  • audio ("buffered", "played")
  • autocomplete ("billing", "cc-name", "cc-number", "cc-css", "cc-exp-month", "cc-exp-year", "cc-type", "country", "email", "name", "postal-code", "region", "shipping", "street-address", "tel", "url")
  • http-equiv ("X-UA-Compatible", "content-language")
  • img ("sizes", "srcset")
  • input ("autocorrect", "inputmode", "minlength")
  • inputmode ("email", "numeric", "tel")
  • link/rel ("canonical", "dns-prefetch", "import", "profile", "shortlink")
  • meta/name ("format-detection", "publisher", "referrer", "robots", "theme-color", "viewport")
  • meta/property ("al:ios:url", "al:ios:app_store_id", "al:ios:app_name", "al:android:url", "al:android:app_name", "al:android:package", "al:web:url") [applinks.org]
  • script/type ("application/ld+json")
  • source ("sizes", "srcset")
  • textarea ("autocomplete", "spellcheck")
  • video ("buffered", "crossorigin", "played")

If you spot a HTML tag or attribute missing that you'd like added please open an issue or pull-request. https://github.com/coliff/Brackets-HTML5CodeHints