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Development repository for the App Center SDK for iOS and macOS
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Visual Studio App Center SDK for iOS and macOS

App Center is your continuous integration, delivery and learning solution for iOS and macOS apps. Get faster release cycles, higher-quality apps, and the insights to build what users want.

The App Center SDK uses a modular architecture so you can use any or all of the following services:

  1. App Center Analytics: App Center Analytics helps you understand user behavior and customer engagement to improve your app. The SDK automatically captures session count, device properties like model, OS version, etc. You can define your own custom events to measure things that matter to you. All the information captured is available in the App Center portal for you to analyze the data.

  2. App Center Crashes: App Center Crashes will automatically generate a crash log every time your app crashes. The log is first written to the device's storage and when the user starts the app again, the crash report will be sent to App Center. Collecting crashes works for both beta and live apps, i.e. those submitted to the App Store. Crash logs contain valuable information for you to help fix the crash.

  3. App Center Distribute: App Center Distribute lets your users install a new version of the app when you distribute it with App Center. With a new version of the app available, the SDK will present an update dialog to the users to either download or postpone the new version. Once they choose to update, the SDK will start to update your application. This feature is automatically disabled on versions of your app deployed to the Apple App Store. *Not available for macOS.

  4. App Center Push: App Center Push enables you to send push notifications to users of your app from the App Center portal. You can also segment your user base based on a set of properties and send them targeted notifications.

  5. App Center Data: The App Center Data service provides functionality enabling developers to persist app data in the cloud in both online and offline scenarios. This enables you to store and manage both user-specific data as well as data shared between users and across platforms. *Not available for macOS.

  6. App Center Auth: App Center Auth is a cloud-based identity management service that enables developers to authenticate application users and manage user identities. The service integrates with other parts of App Center, enabling developers to leverage the user identity to view user data in other services and even send push notifications to users instead of individual devices. *Not available for macOS.

1. Get started

It is super easy to use App Center. Have a look at our get started documentation and onboard your app within minutes. Our detailed documentation is available as well.

2. Contributing

We are looking forward to your contributions via pull requests.

To contribute to the SDK, please

  • install Xcode 10.1 on your Mac.
  • install Jazzy to be able to generate documentation.
  • install clang-format for code formatting via Homebrew using the command brew install clang-format.

2.1 Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

2.2 Contributor License

You must sign a Contributor License Agreement before submitting your pull request. To complete the Contributor License Agreement (CLA), you will need to submit a request via the form and then electronically sign the CLA when you receive the email containing the link to the document. You need to sign the CLA only once to cover submission to any Microsoft OSS project.

2.3 Checking out the repository

App Center Auth has a dependency on Microsoft Authentication Library as a git submodule. Use below command to clone App Center Apple SDK repository or update the repository if you have already cloned it.

git clone --recursive
git submodule update --init --recursive

2.4 Code Formatting

All Objective-C files follow LLVM coding style (with a few exceptions) and are formatted accordingly. To format your changes, make sure you have the clang-format tool. It can be installed with Homebrew using the command brew install clang-format. Once you have installed clang-format, run ./ from the repository root - this will format all files that have changes against the remote develop branch (it will also perform a git fetch).

3. Contact

3.1 Support

App Center SDK support is provided directly within the App Center portal. Any time you need help, just log in to App Center, then click the blue chat button in the lower-right corner of any page and our dedicated support team will respond to your questions and feedback. For additional information, see the App Center Help Center.

3.2 Twitter

We're on Twitter as @vsappcenter.

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