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A desktop application that allows users to locally test and debug chat bots built with the Bot Framework SDK.


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Bot Framework Emulator

Bot Framework Emulator

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The Bot Framework Emulator is a desktop application that allows bot developers to test and debug bots built using the Bot Framework SDK. You can use the Bot Framework Emulator to test bots running either locally on your machine or connect to bots running remotely through a tunnel.

This repo is part the Microsoft Bot Framework - a comprehensive framework for building enterprise-grade conversational AI experiences.


  • Download the Bot Framework V4 Emulator for your platform from the GitHub releases page.

Supported platforms

  • Windows

  • OS X

  • Linux

    Note for Linux users:

    The Emulator leverages a library that uses libsecret so you may need to install it before running npm install.

    Depending on your distribution, you will need to run the following command:

    Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libsecret-1-dev

    Red Hat-based: sudo yum install libsecret-devel

    Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S libsecret


Checkout the Wiki for docs.



Nightly builds

Nightly builds are generated using the latest code. Therefore, they may not be stable, and most likely lack up to date documentation. These builds are better suited for more experienced users, although everyone is welcome to use them and provide feedback. Nightly builds of the V4 Emulator are available here.


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Reporting Security Issues

Security issues and bugs should be reported privately, via email, to the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) at You should receive a response within 24 hours. If for some reason you do not, please follow up via email to ensure we received your original message. Further information, including the MSRC PGP key, can be found in the Security TechCenter.

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