Azure Bot Service provides tools to build, test, deploy, and manage connect intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are talking, from text/sms to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services.
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Bot Builder SDK

The Bot Builder SDK enables you to build bots that support different types of interactions with users. You can design conversations in your bot to be freeform. Your bot can also have more guided interactions where it provides the user choices or actions. The conversation can use simple text or more complex rich cards that contain text, images, and action buttons. You can add natural language interactions and questions and answers, which let your users interact with your bots in a natural way.

Bot Framework

The Bot Builder includes a set of command line tools to streamline end-to-end conversation centric development experience, and an emulator for debugging your bot locally or in the cloud.

Get started with Bot Builder v4 (Preview)

Bot Builder SDK v4 is the latest SDK for building bot applications. It is in Preview state. Production bots should continue to be developed using the v3 SDK - csharp, node.

It is easy to build your first Bot. You can create a bot with Azure Bot Service. Click here if you need a trial Azure subscription.

You can create a bot with Bot Builder SDK using your favorite language:


Visit for the primary Azure Bot Service documentation page to learn about building bots using Bot Builder. There is additional documentation on the SDK, oriented towards contributors. The SDK currently supports four programing language:


Bot builder SDK v4 (preview) includes samples for all supported languages:

Questions and Help

If you have questions about Bot Builder SDK v3 or v4 Preview or using Azure Bot Service, we encourage you to reach out to the community and Azure Bot Service dev team for help.

While we do our best to help out on a timely basis, we don't have any promise around the above resources. If you need an SLA on support from us, it's recommended you invest in an Azure Support plan.

Issues and feature requests

We track functional issues and features asks for and Bot Builder and Azure Bot Service in a variety of locations. If you have found an issue or have a feature request, please submit an issue to the below repositories.

Item Description Link
SDK v3 (.NET and JS) core bot runtime, abstractions, prompts, dialogs, FormFlow, etc. File an issue
SDK v4 .net core bot runtime for .NET, connectors, middleware, dialogs, prompts, LUIS and QnA File an issue
SDK v4 JavaScript core bot runtime for JavaScript, connectors, middleware, dialogs, prompts, LUIS and QnA File an issue
SDK v4 Python core bot runtime for Python, connectors, middleware, dialogs, prompts, LUIS and QnA File an issue
SDK v4 Java core bot runtime for Java, connectors, middleware, dialogs, prompts, LUIS and QnA File an issue
Documentation Docs for Bot Builder and Azure Bot Service File an issue
CLI tools MSBot, chatdown, ludown, LUIS, LUISGen, QnA Maker, dispatch File an issue
Emulator view transcripts, connect to services, debug your bot File an issue

Helpful links

GitHub repositories


Adding intelligence to your bot

Your bot can provide a great conversational experience without using any Azure Cognitive Services. You can increase your customers' delight with adding a more natural interaction using one or multiple Azure Cognitive Services. The following are common services integrated to bots:

Bot Builder SDK v3

Production bots should continue to be developed using the v3 SDK.

Review the documentation to get started with the Bot Builder SDK!

Get started quickly with our samples:

Join the conversation on Gitter.

See all the support options here.

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