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PostgreSQL extension for Azure Data Studio (preview)

Connect, query, and manage Postgres databases with Azure Data Studio, a modern data editor available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. This (preview) extension enables you to interact with Postgres using Azure Data Studio features like:

  • Connect to Postgres anywhere
  • Searchable object explorer view for database objects
  • Query authoring and editing with Intellisense, syntax highlighting and code snippets
  • View query results and save to csv, JSON, xml, or Excel
  • Integrated terminal for Bash, PowerShell, and cmd.exe
  • Go to Definition and Peek Definition for examining the DDL of objects
  • Source control integration with Git
  • Customize dashboards and insight widgets using SQL
  • Server groups for organizing connections
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts, multi-tab support, color theme options
  • Backup and Restore

See our quickstart for a step by step guide to getting started with PostgreSQL in Azure Data Studio.

Offline Installation

The extension will download and install a required PostgreSQL Tools Service package during activation. For machines with no Internet access, you can still use the extension by choosing the Install from VSIX... option in the Extension view and installing a bundled release from our Releases page. Each operating system has a .vsix file with the required service included. Pick the file for your OS, download and install to get started. We recommend you choose a full release and ignore any alpha or beta releases as these are our daily builds used in testing.


Support for this extension is provided on our GitHub Issue Tracker. You can submit a bug report, a feature suggestion or participate in discussions.

Contributing to the Extension

See the developer documentation for details on how to contribute to this extension.

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

Privacy Statement

The Microsoft Enterprise and Developer Privacy Statement describes the privacy statement of this software.


This extension is licensed under the MIT License. Please see the third-party notices file for additional copyright notices and license terms applicable to portions of the software.


azuredatastudio-postgresql is an extension for Azure Data Studio that enables you to work with PostgreSQL databases



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