Release History

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Version 0.1.0

Node compatibility


API on Zone

  • Multiple zone in the process
  • Napa zone and Node zone type
  • Broadcast
    • Signature: broadcast code snippet
    • Signature: broadcast an anonymous function, without closure
    • Arguments: plain JavaScript objects only.
  • Execute
    • Signature: execute a function by module name and function name
    • Signature: execute an anonymous function, without closure.
    • Arguments: support transportable types
    • Options: support timeout

API on Transport

  • Interface Transportable and TransportableObject

API on Store

  • Support set/get with transportable types, no cache support for now.

API on Memory

  • Type Handle
  • Interface Allocator and AllocatorDebugger
  • Function debugAllocator
  • Object crtAllocator and defaultAllocator

API on Log

  • JavaScript API via log
  • C++ API
  • Support custom logging providers

API on Metrics

  • JavaScript API via metric
  • C++ API
  • Support custom metric providers

API for creating modules

  • Abstract class ShareableWrap to create shareable addons across-isolates.
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