Code samples and documentation of Microsoft's Project "Rome" feature for non-Windows platforms
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Project Rome on non-Windows platforms

"Project Rome" is a pre-production project code name for Microsoft's Remote Systems platform. This feature, consisting of API sets on multiple development platforms, allows an app on a client (local) device to interact with apps and services on a host (remote) device that is signed in with or receptive to the Microsoft Account (MSA) on the client device. This allows developers to program cross-device experiences that are centered around user tasks rather than devices.

Currently, Project Rome is implemented for the following scenarios:

  • Windows client to Windows host
  • Android client to Windows host

The first scenario, dealing only with the Universal Windows platform, is documented via how-to content and API reference documentation on the Windows Dev Center. See these resources for more detailed information about the feature in general. Any scenarios involving non-Windows platforms are covered in this repository. You will find documentation, code samples, and links to SDK downloads for each development platform in its respective folder.


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