React todo demo for Build conference
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React / Node Todo Demo

This demo shows the core functionality of Visual Studio Code for Build 2016 session workshop.

todo demo

Getting Started

# clone repo
git clone react-todo

# navigate to repo
cd react-todo

# install deps
npm install


# Run in terminal
npm run serve

Instead you can also debug in Visual Studio Code with pressing the f5 key.


# run in terminal
npm run dev

Run from Visual Studio Code by executing command (with f1 to open command palette) Run Task and selecting dev.


No configuration should be necessary necessary. Data backend is simply a json file called todos.json in data/. If you run into any issues make sure todos.json has the following inside before starting the server. This will become more robust overtime.

    "todos": []

Not meant for production

There are a couple of issues to fix before this code base should be used as a model for a production ready application.

  • Swap out the file based data model for a real data backend.
  • Replace webpack dev server with an application server or serve up the app with the Node server.