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GIT: The git repository at XXXX has too many active changes, only a subset of Git features will be enabled. #41699

tomuta opened this Issue Jan 16, 2018 · 9 comments


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tomuta commented Jan 16, 2018

I have a few GIT repositories that produce untracked directories that contain thousands of files. An easy work-around is to add them to .gitignore, but I don't own these repositories.

A regular git status on the command line shows only a few untracked folders, but in VS Code I get this warning because it counts all files inside these folders. I tracked it down to this line of code:

-u defaults to "all", however a regular "git status" defaults to "normal", meaning it only lists the untracked folders but not their contents.

I think it would make more sense to just list what regular "git status" lists for untracked files, and then maybe have the ability to expand these untracked folders to show all untracked files allowing them to be staged. But in my mind, it shouldn't count them against the 5000 limit.

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joaomoreno commented Jan 18, 2018

Why do you have Git repositories with huge folders inside them, which you never commit? Is there a reason behind it?


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tomuta commented Jan 18, 2018

The build system generates those folders. Like I said, a .gitignore would be a work-around, but at the same time I only see literally 4-5 untracked folders with a regular "git status", yet VS Code pops up the 5000 limit warning and lists every single file inside. I wish it just showed those 4-5 untracked folders, and maybe give me the option to expand them if I really wanted to.


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joaomoreno commented Jan 24, 2018

A .gitignore is not only a workaround, but it really is the solution. I suggest to simply use it. Life will be easier across all tools.

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jekkuh commented Jan 30, 2018

Where should I place this .gitignore file? VSCode's git repo is in my /users/name on my mac. I may sound stupid but new to this part. Should I try and point git somewhere else or do I need to place a .gitignore file into every folder I don't want being watched under my user account?

I have so many un-commited files from different projects and it won't let me un-stage them. The error I get is "Git: fatal: Unable to create '/Users/Jessica/.git/index.lock': File exists".

I'm lost and can't find any answers online.


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joaomoreno commented Jan 30, 2018

@jekkuh Do you really need that git repo in your /Users/name? If not, just remove its .git folder. Else, you can configure .gitignore quite easily. Here's how we do it. Here's more info:


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tbluemel commented Jan 30, 2018

It's really just obnoxious. I have a large number of such repositories, git status shows only a very small number of directories (most often just one) in each, but VS code complains about the 5000 limit all over just because it counts each and every single file within these folders. Yes, a .gitignore would solve it, but at the same time I would expect the same behavior as a regular "git status"...


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stacype commented Feb 5, 2018

OMG happened to me too but used this tip above " just remove its .git folder." worked great thanks what a panic that created.


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dpfeuffer commented Feb 17, 2018

Why does VSC consider a ~/.git repo when the opened workspace folder is in a subdirectory (e.g. ~/work/myrepo)? I would expect, that VSC observe only git repos in and below the opened workspace folder but not above it. Removing the ~/.git folder is no solution when you have created this repo on purpose and require it.


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b-45 commented Feb 17, 2018

I get this 5K warning whether git is initialized in my working folder or not.
My setting for git is currently set to false to avoid dealing with the 5K issue. Any recommendation for a permanent solution would be much appreciated.

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