Libraries for writing VSTS and TFS build tasks
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VSTS DevOps Task SDK

Libraries for writing Visual Studio Team Services build and deployment tasks

Reference examples of our in the box tasks are here


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Apple OSX Build & Test
Ubuntu14 Ubuntu 14.04 Build & Test


  • Breaks coupling with agent: This lib is decoupled and ships with the task and the agent is just an engine to run tasks.
  • Testability: Aims to offer the ability to actually run your task scripts under all scenarios without a server or an agent.
  • Localization: The lib provides a mechanism for storing your localized strings with your task, and loading the correct set at run-time.
  • Consistent API: The TypeScript and PowerShell libs are largely consistent. They only differ where it makes sense (being true to the platform).
  • Tracing for free: Tracing has been built-in to many of the commands. Use the SDK and get some debug tracing for free.

TypeScript Tasks

Cross platform tasks are written in TypeScript. It is the preferred way to write tasks once.

NPM version VSTS

Documentation: Creating Node Tasks with the Typescript API

PowerShell Tasks

A task which automates Powershell technologies can be written with our Powershell SDK. These only run on Windows.

Documentation: PowerShell API