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Azure Pipelines Task SDK

Libraries for writing Azure Pipelines tasks

Reference examples of our in the box tasks are here

TypeScript Tasks

Cross platform tasks are written in TypeScript. It is the preferred way to write tasks once.

NPM version

Step by Step: Create Task

Documentation: TypeScript API, task JSON schema

Guidance: Finding Files, Minimum agent version, Proxy, Certificate

Reference Examples

The ShellScript Task and the XCode Task are good examples.


We are accepting contributions and we try to stay on top of issues.

Contribution Guide.

Logging Issues

Building the library


$ cd node
$ npm install

Build and Test:

$ npm test

Set environment variable TASK_TEST_TRACE=1 to display test output.


We also maintain a PowerShell library for Windows task development.

Library: Powershell Library

Usage: Consuming the SDK

Third Party Notices

To generate/update third party notice file run:

$ node generate-third-party-notice.js
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