Tool to migrate MD files from current Wiki extension to the new VSTS Wiki feature
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Migrate pages from Wiki extension to new VSTS Wiki

Migration Summary

Migration of markdown pages from Wiki extension to VSTS wiki is a simple 5 step process:

  1. Clone vsts-wikiTools repository from GitHub and compile the MigrateToVSTSWiki tool
  2. Clone the VSTS Wiki
  3. Move & commit all markdown pages to VSTS Wiki
  4. Run the MigrateToVSTSWiki migration tool
  5. Once you are done, push the changes to the default branch on VSTS Wiki repositorys.

Detailed steps

Here are the detailed steps for Wiki migration:

  1. Clone vsts-wikiTools repository from GitHub to your local machine.

  2. Compile the project under the path Tools/MigrateToVSTSWiki to generate the migration tool EXE.

  3. Go to Wiki* hub in VSTS. Create your first Wiki page (You can create a dummy page and always delete it later)

  4. Click on More -> Clone Wiki -> and clone your VSTS Wiki repo using git clone command.

Let the clone location be "LocationA" with respect to the document. E.g with respect to this document "C:\Users\sancha\"

  1. Clone the Wiki extension repo. The Wiki will be mapped to a folder given by you during the wiki creation. You can check that by going to "manage wiki" option in the existing wiki as shown below.

The value under the label "Root" is the folder in your repo inside which the existing wiki pages are saved.

  1. Say you have cloned the above mentioned "sampleWiki" in the location "C:\wiki\sampleWiki". The wiki pages will be saved in the path "C:\wiki\sampleWiki\ _extensionWiki". Let this be "LocationB" with respect to the document.

  2. Create an empty folder in any path of choice in your location machine and let that be "LocationC" with respect to the document.  

Just to summarize

  • Location A = VSTS Wiki
  • Location B = Wiki extension
  • Location C = Empty folder where we will run our migration tool
  1. Open command prompt as an administrator

  2. Run MigrateToVSTSWiki.exe as shown below to copy the files from your existing wiki and copying them to the destination directory provided. During copying, the exe converts the pages to be compliant with VSTS wiki.

Format: MigrateToVSTSWiki.exe /source:LocationB /destination:LocationC

E.g. In the example above:

  • "E:\wiki\sampleWiki_extensionWiki" is the folder in which the existing wiki files are present.
  • "E:\Temp\Wiki\New" is the empty folder into which the migrates files will get dropped.

  1. Now remove all files from the path "LocationA" (if any) apart from the git related files such as .gitignore etc.

  2. Copy all the files from the path "LocationC" and paste them into "LocationA"

  3. Run git add . to stage all the newly added files in the "LocationA" for commit.

  4. Run git commit -m to commit the files that you have staged locally.

  1. Run git push origin wikiMaster -f .Push the changes on to the default branch of the VSTS Wiki.

Source code for the wiki tools

Repository for the documentation -

Wiki guidelines

Naming a wiki page

Names you assign to a Wiki page titles must conform to the following constraints.

Constraint type Constraint
Length The fully qualified page path should not exceed 235 characters.
Uniqueness Page titles are case sensitive and are unique under its parent.
Special characters
  1. Must not contain any Unicode control characters or surrogate characters
  2. Must not contain the following printable characters: / : < > \ * ? | - #
  3. Must not start or end with a period (.)
  4. Offline created pages' titles must not contain the blank space.

Create offline pages in Wiki

  1. Clone the Wiki repo.
  2. Create the markdown file at the root path. Example, "".
  3. Update the .order file to add "" at the correct order in the hierarchy. Learn more about .order file in the below section.
  4. To create a page hierarchy with parent and child pages, create a folder with the same name, say "Home-Page", as that of the page you wish to make as parent page. Pages added into this folder will become child pages of "Home-Page".
  5. Push the changes to the remote branch.

.order file

  1. .order file holds the sequence in which the pages in a level are ordered.
  2. The order file at each folder controls the order of pages in that folder.
  3. For offline created page updating the order file with the added pages' titles is mandatory.


For bugs, questions and discussions please use the GitHub Issues.

Want to learn more about the new and exciting features of VSTS Wiki. Visit this blog post - coming soon for more details.


This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.


Linked work items are currently not supported in new Wiki. We will be enabling capability to link work items to wiki pages soon.