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Build 17046

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  • Allow processes to run without an active terminal. [GH 709, 1007, 1511, 2252, 2391, et al.]
  • Better support of CLONE_VFORK and CLONE_VM. [GH 1878, 2615]
  • Skip TDI filter drivers for WSL networking operations. [GH 1554]
  • DrvFs creates NT symlinks when certain conditions are met. [GH 353, 1475, 2602]
    • The link target must be relative, must not cross any mount points or symlinks, and must exist.
    • The user must have SE_CREATE_SYMBOLIC_LINK_PRIVILEGE (this normally requires you to launch wsl.exe elevated), unless Developer Mode is turned on.
    • In all other situations, DrvFs still creates WSL symlinks.
  • Allow running elevated and non-elevated WSL instances simultaneously.
  • Support /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope
  • Add wslpath to do WSL<->Windows path conversions. [GH 522, 1243, 1834, 2327, et al.]
    wslpath usage:
      -a    force result to absolute path format
      -u    translate from a Windows path to a WSL path (default)
      -w    translate from a WSL path to a Windows path
      -m    translate from a WSL path to a Windows path, with ‘/’ instead of ‘\\’

      EX: wslpath ‘c:\users’


  • No fixes.

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