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	This is the Java library providing interop capability with the SOA feature
	on Windows HPC cluster.

	All the source code reside in src\ folder. Samples are put under samples\.

    1) JDK
       Please follow JDK's instructions on how to install.
    2) CXF 2.4.0 (Warning: other versions of CXF may not work.)
       Download to home directory. unzip it there.

How to build

	Assuming you are on Linux,

	1) On client machine download and install all "Prerequisites".
	2) Switch to src\ directory and edit 
	   ( makejar.cmd if you are one Windows ).
	3) Make sure CXF_HOME points to the correct location.
	   E.g., "export CXF_HOME=~/apache-cxf-2.4.0".
	4) Run "" without any argument.

How to setup the system
	On both head node and broker node, setup certificate. 
	(NOTE: if your broker node is your head node, only do it for once.)
	a) make sure makecert.exe is in your PATH.
		NOTE: you might need to install Windows SDK to get makecert.exe.
		Or install Visual Studio 2010 to get Windows SDK.

	b) Create a self-signed certificate. Run the following command in 
	   elevated console:
		createcert.cmd <nodename>
	   Createcert.cmd can be found under ~\tools\ directory.
	c) Install the certificate. In PowerShell, run as an admin user,
		- Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
		- installcert.ps1 install
		- select the new certificate just created above. It's the one named 
		  "CN=<nodename>". Normally it should be the last one.

	On java client (Linux) machine, set up SSL trust between Java client and Headnode/BrokerNode.
         - Create the environment variable JAVA_HOME and set it to the Java installation path. Compile the under ~/tools/

                    - "$JAVA_HOME/bin/javac"

         a) Create head node and broker node certificates.
            - "$JAVA_HOME/bin/java" GetCert <HeadNode>
            - The above should create a file called "cacerts_new"
            - If broker node is a different node, call "$JAVA_HOME/bin/java" GetCert <BrokerNode>
            - The above should update the file "cacerts_new" with the certificate for broker node
            - copy ecacerts to overwrite $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/cacerts (NOTE: You need administrate privilege on Vista/7)

	Please note the above step on linux client is only required when the preference file ~/.java/.userPrefs/com/microsoft/hpc/scheduler/session/prefs.xml exists and contains the following entry:
	<map MAP_XML_VERSION="1.0">
	  <entry key="RequireSSLValidation" value="true"/>

	If the preference file does not exist or the value is "false" for the key "RequireSSLValidation", the certificates are not required.

How to use

	Refer to sample\helloworld\README.Linux.txt for how to use this library.

How to get WSDL

	Normally, WSDL is not needed since the Java Session API has already been
	created. However, if you wish to develope your own client (e.g., a python
	API), you need to configure the cluster to expose WSDL correctly. 
	To do this, on head node, edit %CCP_HOME%Bin\HpcSession.exe.config. Replace 
	"localhost:443" with your <headnode>:443.

	For example, assume your headnode is called "HeadNode1"
		<service name="Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.Session.Internal.SessionLauncher.SessionLauncher" behaviorConfiguration="EnableMetadata">
					<add baseAddress="https://HeadNode1:443/SessionLauncher"/>