bit-bundler plugin for minifying JavaScript
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bit-bundler plugin for minifying JavaScript

bit-bundler-minifyjs is actually a tiny wrapper for UglifyJS, so be sure to check it out for more details on all the available options.



$ npm install --save-dev @bit/bundler-minifyjs

bit-bundler setup

var Bitbundler = require("@bit/bundler");

var bitbundler = new Bitbundler({
  bundler: [

  src: "in.js",
  dest: "out.js"

with code splitting

All options can actually be configured on a per bundle basis leveraging bundle names, which is really handy when spltting bundles.

var Bitbundler = require("@bit/bundler");

  src: "in.js",
  dest: "out.js"
}, {
  bundler: [
    ["@bit/bundler-splitter", {
      name: "vendor",
      dest: "dist/vendor.js",
      match: { path: /node_modules/ }
    ["@bit/bundler-minifyjs", {
      vendor: {
        sourceMap: false

bundle banner

A useful feature is adding a "banner" to the output minified file.

  banner: "/*! (c) Miguel Castillo. Licensed under MIT */"


All options are directly forwarded onto UglifyJS, so understanding what options are available is helpful if the default behavior isn't sufficient for you. For convenience, you can refer to the options below that are commonly used.


String value that is added to the top of the generated file. Useful for adding build and licensing information. This option is a shorthand for output.preamble option in UglifyJS.

This is a bit-bundler-minifyjs option, not an UglifyJS option. Internally, this is the preamble options in UglifyJS.


Flag to disable sourcemap generation. Sourcemaps are generated inline, but they can be split out into a separate file with the plugin bit-bundler-extractsm. sourceMap is true by default.

This is a bit-bundler-minifyjs option, not an UglifyJS option.