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C# Http to Socks5 proxy implementation
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This library allows you to connect over Socks5 proxies when using the .NET HttpClient.

It implements the IWebProxy interface and can therefore be used with all libraries that support HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

Usage with an HttpClient

using MihaZupan;

var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy("", 1080);
var handler = new HttpClientHandler { Proxy = proxy };
HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient(handler, true);

var result = await httpClient.SendAsync(
    new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Get, ""));

Console.WriteLine("HTTPS GET: " + await result.Content.ReadAsStringAsync());

Usage with Telegram.Bot library

The library was originally designed to fight censorship attempts against Telegram.

Using it with the Telegram Bot Library is therefore a breeze.

using MihaZupan;

var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy("", 1080);

// Or if the proxy server requires credentials (gssapi is not supported):
new HttpToSocks5Proxy("", 1080, "username", "password");

// Some proxies limit target connections to a single IP address
// If that is the case you have to resolve hostnames locally
proxy.ResolveHostnamesLocally = true;

TelegramBotClient Bot = new TelegramBotClient("API Token", proxy);

I need more latency

Worry not, you can now chain SOCKS proxies with this library

var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy(new[] {
    new ProxyInfo("", 1080),
    new ProxyInfo("", 1090),
    new ProxyInfo("", 1080)


Install as a NuGet package:

Package manager:

Install-Package HttpToSocks5Proxy
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