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HTTP status codes for Dart.

class HttpStatus {
  /** Status-Code: 0 (Communication with Server failed) */
  static final int HTTP_COMMUNICATION_FAILED = 0;
  static final int HTTP_0_COMMUNICATION_FAILED = 0;
  /** HTTP Status-Code: 200 (OK) */
static final int HTTP_OK = 200; static final int HTTP_200_OK = 200; /** HTTP Status-Code: 201 (Created) */ static final int HTTP_CREATED = 201; static final int HTTP_201_CREATED = 201; ... all the other codes are in the .dart-file }

Hope this helps someone.

If you ask yourself what the f*** is Dart - then click [dartlang] for more information about this great new language from Google.

If this sample is helpful for you - please (Circle) me.