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QR Code Handler for Web Forms Project
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QR Code Handler for Web Forms Project

This project was made in response to some questions where people had problems using the handler.

To run this project:

  1. Clone into a new directory
  2. Open in Visual Studio (this project was made in VS2015)
  3. Right click Default.aspx and "View in Browser"

For this example, I did the following:

  1. Setup a new ASP.NET 4.6.1 Web Forms project with no authentication
  2. Updated all packages
  3. Followed the blog post instructions at
  4. I had to change the RouteConfig.cs to routes.Ignore("{resource}.qr"); (line 10). Everything else I did was verbatim from the post
  5. Please note in the web.config, line 25, then handler is type="Example.Handlers.QRHandler" where:
  • The Example.Handlers part is the namespace in QRHandler.ashx.cs (line 7)
  • and QRHandler is the name of the class (line 12)
  • Put it all together to get Example.Handlers.QRHandler
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