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If you experienced problems with your tags with the StandardNotes provider, please got to [Edit] -> [Delete local data and sync new] to re-create your local tag database


  • Fixed typo in help texts
  • Fixed InvalidOperationException (#89)
  • Fixed captions in SettingsWindow (#80)
  • Fixed option UseRawFolderRepo not being disabled on account switch (#80)
  • Fixed (non-fatal) exception in SynchronizationDispatcher during shutdown
  • Fixed Tag support StandardNotePlugin due to API change (#88)
  • Fixed remote tag-update not immediately being shown in client (#90)


  • Added support for file-links (#83)
  • Added support for note-links (#83)
  • Added support for mailto-links (#83)
  • Added dialog for file-links (#83)
  • Added dialog for note-links (#83)
  • Added dialog for mailto-links (#83)
  • Added dialog for hyperlinks (#83)
  • Added config to remember note-scroll only per session (#82)
  • Added uuid, random, linebreak, tab, plugin, account, note keywords to snippet parser (#85)
  • Added tab in settings to configure snippets (#85)


Plugins included by default:

FilesystemPlugin   v1.2.10
HeadlessPlugin     v1.4.7
NextcloudPlugin    v1.2.10
SimpleNotePlugin   v1.2.6
StandardNotePlugin v1.4.0