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Hexiwear is a complete IoT development solution. It has an optimized hardware design and it is compatible with more than 250 plug-and-play boards, so you can easily adjust it to your needs. Built your prototypes, and add different click boards until you get the perfect device, suited just for you.

Hexiwear could be your smartwatch or a remote sensor or maybe a remote control for the smart devices in your home. The possibilities are endless. Since it is wearable, small, sleek and has a low power consumption you can take it anywhere with you. From a business meeting to your morning jog in the park. Hexiwear is compatible with iOS/Android applications, connects to the cloud and has BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) — you can connect you a device near you or cloud servers. You can download iOS and Android apps for free on Google Play.

Visit the official Hexiwear website to learn more about it. The “Getting Started” video is an excellent place to start.