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Create GitHub Resource Download Link (git-github-direct-zip-directory-folder-file)
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Create GitHub Resource Download Link

With this tool you can directly download or create download link to any GitHub public directory or file.


DownGit ↑

How to Use?

Advanced Usage

A typical download URL will look like this-<link>&fileName=<name>&rootDirectory=<true or false or name>

Now, if you want to download this directory- with this file name- and this root directory name- ImagesOfDownGit, then the URL will be-

In default, value of fileName and rootDirectory is set to the name of the downloading file or directory. If you do not want to add the directory itself in the zip, then set rootDirectory=false. Like: this link-, will download a file named; however the root directory- "images", will not be included in the zip.

If you want to download file- with name-, then the link will be-


MIT License
DownGit is licensed under MIT License.

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