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To anyone saying that it is ugly. I want it to be fully functional before I start making it look nice. I know it looks bad.

This is a simple GUI setup program to start mining garlicoin. Can also be used as a nice GUI while mining to get on-demand hashrates and temps. It currently is in development and might be buggy.

Short walkthrough of the 1st launch can be found Here

A little bit more indepth walkthrough with explanations, also for AMD can be found Here OUTDATED!!!

.EXE can be found in releases.

I have heard that windows security thinks it is a trojan but it is a falsepositive. I invite you to upload it to virustotal or your preferred virus detection program. Currently trying to fix that, but if you don't trust me, build the file yourself from the source files.



If you already have sgminer/ccminer, just drop this exe into the same folder as sgminer and start.

  1. If you don't have sgminer/ccminer yet, just run it in a folder where you want the miner folder to be created.

  2. After it detects your GPUs, you will see "Miner not found" and you can go ahead and press "Install miner". It will download ccminer/sgminer and unzip it into a folder called MisasMinerSetup, move the exe there and restart.

  3. After it restarted from the folder, it should be ready to use.

  4. After selecting/writing in you settings, press "RIP GPU" and it will launch a cmd window and it will start to mine.

Remember to press enter after typing your wallet address.

Settings are saved after shutdown so there is no need to copy paste your wallet everytime you restart.

Miisu#5852 on Discord

Armpitzz on Reddit

PS. Someone asked so I'm gonna write this here. I get nothing when you use this. There are no hidden things that give me some % of what you mine.